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Poser4 Tutorial
How to make a 3d Stereo picture

Making Stereoscopic Pictures in Poser4
This tutorial is to provide you with the procedures that are necessary to create a three dimens
ional stereoscopic picture in Poser4. Poser4 is a 3d Animation software package which is cheaper than most Animation programs. It is easy and fun to use.

I have been searching everywhere on the internet for a tutorial that would explain how to create a Stereoscopic picture in Poser4. I could only find one that didn't explain anything at all not even the fundamentals of how it is done. So I set out to do some experiments after a lot of researching on how the process is done in the real world as opposed to the world of 3d Virtual Reality. So I guess this is the only tutorial that is available at the moment.

How it is done
(1) First open Poser4 so that you have a new scene.

(1a) If Poser4 is already open go to <FILE/NEW> so that you open a new scene.

(2) Delete any figures or objects you have in the scene so that it is completely empty.

(3) Choose the <Main Camera> by pressing the shortcut keys <Ctrl+M> so that you can see the Main Camera's Parameter Dials. Make sure the Main Camera's X Dolly and X,Y,Z Rotation positions are <0.000>. Now lock the Main Camera's position so that it doesn't move at all by clicking <Object/Lock_Actor>. Copy the camera's co-ordinates using COPY or the shortcut method by pressing <Ctrl+C>.

(4) Select the <AUX Camera> Paste the Main Camera's co-ordinates to the Aux Camera by simply using the shortcut keys <Ctrl+V>. You will notice that the Aux Camera is now in the same position as the Main Camera.

(5) To get the 3d effect we need to separate the Aux Camera from the Main Camera in the <X> direction so that both the cameras have a similar separation to that of the Left and Right eye. I have experimented on what separation is best to get this effect by setting the Aux Cameras Dolly_X position to <0.014>  (You can experiment with the X separation of the Aux Camera to see what other effects can be achieved) Now lock the Aux Camera's position so that it doesn't move by clicking <Object/Lock_Actor>. 

(6) Save this scene in a new <Folder> and call the folder <3d Stereoscopic>. Now save the scene in this folder as <3d Stereoscopic Template> The purpose for this Template scene is if you want to start a new 3d scene all you have to do is open the Template scene and the Cameras are already locked down in their respective positions. All you need to do then is add new figures and objects to your scene and save this new scene under whatever file name you choose.

(7) We cannot move the Main Camera and Aux Camera positions because if we do, it will create a nightmare in re-positioning both the cameras again. That is why we locked down both the cameras. Unfortuanately this means that to compose our picture and frame we need to move the figures and objects in the scene. If you need to move or rotate a figure choose the <BODY> of the figure first and then move it in the frame to what ever angle or position suits your taste. Compose your pictures by viewing through the Main Camera only.

(8) Once you have composed and framed your figures and objects you can now render your pictures. Choose a small <Document Window> such as 300X300 for rendering your picture. Make sure you are using the <Main_Camera> and render your picture. Once you have rendered your picture save it making sure you put a capital <L_> in front of the pictures name so you can differentiate the Left picture from the Right picture. Save this Left picture in the Bitmap format.

(9) Now selected your <Aux Camera> and render the Right picture. Save the picture with the same name as your Left picture but put a capital <R_> in front of the picture's name. Once again to differentiate the Left picture from the Right picture.

The next tutorial will explain how you can combine the Left and Right pictures into one.

As you have seen in this tutorial to create our Left and Right pictures we had to lock down the Main and Aux camera's. To frame and compose the picture we had to move our figures and objects. This can be very annoying and frustrating because we cant move the camera's angle on the Y axis. I haven't worked out a way to move both camera's similtaniously because we cannot parent the camera's to each other or to an object. But I am working on it. This means you will have to check this website for a tutorial on how you can move both your cameras int a <Z Rotation> and a <Y Rotation>.  Once we are able to move the camera's similtaniously we can then go onto making 3d animations in 3d.

Link to Tutorial
Combining the Left and Right pictures into one

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