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Poser4 Tutorial
How to make a 3d Stereo picture

Combining the Left and Right pictures into one.

Now that we have created our Left and Right pictures it is time to combine them. There are three methods available to you:.

(a) Stereo Method - where you cross your eyes to view the 3d effect.

(b) Anaglyph Method - where you use a pair of Red/Blue 3d glasses to view the picture.

(c) Interlaced Method - Unfortunatley I don't have a pair of these glasses because they are very expensive. So I can't comment or explain how you can make or view an Interlaced picture.

Combining the Left and Right pictures
Below is are two tutorials explaining how you can make a stereo and Anaglyph picture. The first method uses Photoshop but any paint program that uses Layers can be used. The second method explains how you can use a freeware program called Anamaker that will help you make Anaglyph pictures.

How to make a Stereo picture using Photoshop
By using your favorite Paint program such as Photoshop we can combine both the Left and Right pictures into one. It is very simple to do. Photoshop is great because you can use Layers which is important for what we need to do.

(1) Choose a new picture with an image size of 700X400.

(2) Now load your <L_Picture> and <R_Picture> into Photoshop.

(3) Copy the <L_Picture> and Paste it in the new picture and call it <Left> in the Layers Options. Move your <Left> picture to the Left of the canvas.

(4) Copy the <R_Picture> and Paste it in the new picture and call it <Right> in the Layers Options.

(5) Move the <R_Picture> to the right of the new picture canvas. Move the <Right> picture up or down until it is level with the top and bottom of the <Left> picture.

(6) Now for the moment of truth. Cross your eyes and move the <Right> picture closer or farther away from the <Left> picture keeping in mind that the top and bottom of the <Right> picture is level with the <Left> pictures top and bottom. Do this until the two pictures merge into one. BINGO!!!  You have now created your first Stereo picture.

How to make an Anaglyph Picture
If you want to make an Anaglyph picture. There are a few tutorials on the internet explaining how you can make Anaglyph pictures using Photoshop. The problem with using Photoshop is that the picture looses it's color and you end up with a Gray/Red/Cyan picture. There are a few freeware and shareware programs on the internet that will do the job for you and you can make you pictures in color Anaglyphs. One such program is called AnaMaker. It is freeware and it is very easy to use. Below is a link to download Anamaker.

Here is the link to download Anamaker a freeware program

Making Anaglyph pictures with Anamaker
All you do is load your Left picture  in the Left window. Load your Right picture in the Right window. Choose <Gray/Red/Cyan> This will give you
a Gray/Red/Cyan picture. Don't worry if the picture is gray because we will turn it into color later. We are making it gray because it makes it easier in finding the correct seperation of the pictures. Put on your trusty old Red/Blue 3d glasses and Press <Make Picture>. If you don't get the 3d illusion straight away simply press the direction buttons on AnaMaker which will move one of the pictures <Up, Down, Left, or Right>. If you get it wrong press the centering button <O> and start again. When your happy with the picture choose the <Color/Red/Cyan> option and press <Make Picture> Now you have a color Anaglyph. When you are happy with the picture press the <Save Picture> button and save the picture. If you want to save a Stereo Picture Anamaker doesn't compose the picture into a single picture it saves both the Left and Right pictures separately. Which means you will have to go into Photoshop to turn the Left picture and Right picture into one Stereo picture as we did previously.

As you can see making Stereoscopic pictures using Poser4 is very easy. It gives a new dimension to making 3d pictures. I hope that this tutorial has been helpful in showing you how to create these amazing pictures. Just imagine what a 3d animated film would look like. It is all up to your imagination. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know. The advancement of our knowledge and understanding on how to use Poser4 can be expanded if we share what we have learnt.

Please visit this site again for further tutorials

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